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The day is almost over, yay yay yay.
Tonight, I go to the library, return the rapture literature and start my quest for frugality. Yay!
I am also going to play around with this gif animator that I found (freeware!) to see if I can finally bring my dreams of a beach icon a reality. I mean, I have 100 user pics now, why not make a whole bunch of icons for EACH MOOD!!!
So, yeah, 15 more minutes and I can begin my evening. I also need to make rice, I have black beans and stir fry to get through this weekend. Also, someone saw my post on Freecycle before it got deleted and I should be getting a free microwave soon. YAY ME!

I love free stuff.

I'm also thinking about restructuring my shifts at 2nd job, not sure yet.

My friend is going on vacation next week, so I'll have one less person to chat with during the day. I wonder if I'll get anymore work done. Doubtful, I don't do what I have now, because I like to draw it out as much as possible. Probably will finish everything tomorrow, must finish everything tomorrow. Have to get purchase orders and change orders out. The stuff is already being done, they just need the paperwork to back it up. I swear, construction is so backward sometimes.

Ok, going to pack up my bag now. This mood icon is kind of creepy.

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