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Not the band. Angel wings.
Long story, but a friend of mine just had a baby. The new daddy always referred to himself as a toad, but his ICQ nick had something to do with angels. As a joke, I found a little stuffed frog and sewed angel wings on it. Well, now they have the new bundle of joy. Jasper Kai. Cute. So, I found a little pair of slippers in the shape of frogs and have been searching for wings. Can't freaking find them. Went to Michaels and JoAnn fabrics...nada.

So, this evening, I bought a fake white flower and will fashion wings from that to sew on the little slippers. I will take pictures before I mail them out. I'll probably work on them Saturday night. It's gonna be cute.

I also found a red tin can at JoAnn's for $5. It's the perfect size for a bathroom garbage can! Yay! That makes me happy.

I must now shuffle to bed. Sleeeeepy.

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