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Yesterday, Bobbie tells me, "D just asked me to get her some weed."
I find this very amusing. Just so much of what they spew as their personal beliefs makes it quite amusing to me to see them being the biggest hypocrites on that side of the Mississippi. Asshats. I feel bad for Bobbie, although, she has stated that she is filing this request in the back of her brain, in case she needs some leverage later on down the road. Good for her I say.

Left work early last night, there wasn't enough work to go around, so they cut us around 8 p.m. Yay for me, got to go home early where I proceeded to stay up way later than usual. See, Nine Inch Nails announced new tour dates!!!
9/17 in Tucson and 9/30 in Oakland. I shall be going to Oakland definitely. Not sure about Tucson yet, depends on how much tickets are if I can swing both shows. Because in October I have to fly out to Florida for a wedding. Then 2nd weekend of December, back out in Florida. Lots of travel at the end of the year, need to sock all my money away. I wonder if I could get a 3rd job. Hmmm :)

Probably should book my flights next month for October. Found one for under $300, gonna keep looking though. I also did some sleuthing for Bobbie regarding hotels to stay in for many of her guests. Told her to have Josh go and see if they can get a discount for a block of rooms so that it is just a tad cheaper. I'll probably fly over on Thursday to the East Coast, then drive over with Heather Friday morning. Wedding is on Saturday. Then fly back on Sunday. Whew! If I can, I'll see if I can get a return flight from Ft. Myers instead of Ft. Lauderdale, so I'm not so rushed on Sunday. Depends on who I fly with I guess.

I got pissed at work last night though, because NPR felt it necessary to tell me about the Jackson verdict no less than SIX times in about 90 minutes. Which brings me to my next thing...why didn't anyone tell me I can listen to the PBS channel on the radio??? WHAT GIVES PEOPLE? WHY ARE YOU WITHHOLDING INFORMATION FROM ME??? :)

I have completely lost my train of thought, so probably more later. :)

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