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Not a bad movie. It's good to see Adam Sandler not being a complete crackpot. He isn't heavily featured in the movie either, which is nice, the actress playing Flor (her name is Paz something or other, Valez? I don't remember, anyways) is the main focal point of this flick. The premise is that her daughter is telling a story as an essay to enter Princeton University.

I, of course, was all weepy and crap during some of the parts. Hate movies.

Went to Bentley's this evening to move pictures that April took from Austin to her jumpdrive. Some nice shots, she should be sharing them with you all soonly. The pictures from the plane are pretty cool. I may be able to do a neat framed art thing with that. We'll see, I'm trying to stimulate my creativity. I think I am going to start carrying my camera with me everywhere and see what I can do with that. I wonder if I could steal my dad's camera. :) I love that thing.

Anyways, yeah, so at Bentley's, they were playing some pretty bad music, but I figured they were trying to be peppy or something. Bad 90s pop/dance music. Then they mentioned open mic. *sigh* Allright, fine, I can sit through some dude telling me how his girlfriend ripped out his heart and smashed it on the floor and how bad his life is in his Jetta while he sips a latte (organic soy please!) and curses everyone for tearing up his backyard but laments that there is nothing for his soul to latch onto anymore and so he hides behind his thick black plastic glasses and "ironic" tee shirts while he mourns a love lost. I hate open mic poetry. WITH A PASSION. :) Could you tell? But, what they were doing, it was worse than open mic night...it was...KIDS open mic night.

*runs screaming from the room*

As the Spice Girls came on and a three year old and a seven year old "danced," I was glad that we had the pictures uploaded and done. For I began quickly throwing everything into my laptop bag. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I'm all for kid activities and stuff, but give us some warning about the spice girls, would you?

I'm glad we didn't stick around for the kids poetry...although, poems about diaper rash and early bed times might be more palatable. I shouldn't be so hard on kids, but, honestly, I don't care for them that much, except for like, you know, kids I *know*. Most people that I've run into with children that I don't know like to impress upon you that their child is THE most precious, beautiful thing in the world and I feel like telling them that, "uh, no. Sorry, not. Thanks for playing, move along please." Because, we all know...Sidney and Skyler are the most precious and beautiful children in the world :)

Anyways, there was just a lot of clapping and what not, but it was really the spice girls that did it for me, I had to run away. April, I think, felt the same way. At least about the spice girls.

In other news, did you know that Safeway's Tuxedos are just as tasty as Oreos? I found that out this evening. Yum. ;)

ok, i think i'm going to go to bed and try to not dream about the spice girls :)

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