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My mom got her job back!!! She starts back again on Monday, which I am so happy about. They owe her her back pay, plus all of the accrued vacation time she missed and they have to give back the 12 weeks everyone receives every year for Family Medical Leave. So, if she should need it later this year, she's got it to fall back on.

This means that we can get the roof fixed, fix my room ceiling/floor and I get a new pair of glasses!! (I was just going to wait and save up and get them myself, instead I asked my mom for an early birthday present).

I've finished with my work for the day, we get free food as some sort of "Yay hospitals!" thing, and I'm leaving early to go play with the twins. So, all in all, it's a good Friday. Even though I have to work tomorrow, but that's okay too, because weekend openings are much easier than weekday openings. Allrighty. I'm off ;)

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