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Boring Work Crap

Got to work with five minutes to spare. Woo! I had to get my coffee and go to the library before I went to work. I also managed to sneak in a 15 minute eye rest. :D

Anyways, get there, worked for a good hour and a half and then I hear, "Can I have your attention, please?"

So, we all shuffled off to a meeting. Now, when I took this job, I knew that they were going to be eliminating the night shift, but I wasn't exactly sure why. They have been bought out by another company, and this company is going to be outsourcing some of the work (surprise surprise!) and also eliminating the night shift to save money on electricity, etc. Of course, if they shut the monitors off every night, that could probably save them some $$$ right there. WTF?!
Anyways, so, this meeting was to go over the new attendance policies. I think 99% of the people in that room are like me and are not going to be there come 9/1. But, have to do it, just in case. THE MOST BORING 90 MINUTES OF MY LIFE. Ah well, whatever. At least I didn't have to type as much tonight. They've been running out of work for night shift, so I'm kind of hoping that they cut Saturday this week, I don't feel like going in, but it's pretty impossible right now to get any time off because it's the summer and besides...it's only another 2.5 months. :)

I should jump up my schedule to take full advantage of this. I might just do that actually, work one extra night a week or something.

I got a call from School of Social Work regarding secretarial position. I was supposed to interview tomorrow, but they had to postpone a week. Since it's with ASU not UA the person has to come from Tempe, even though the job is here. So confusing for me. Anyways, next Thursday works better and it will be a morning meeting. I may just take the day off next week. Nah, I'll just take a half day or something :)

I feel kind of bad, because Hector has been bringing up talking with Ken regarding a permanent position with the company. Sorry, I don't want to work for these people any longer than I have to. Given that I got shitty training and they can't even pay their subs on time, not to mention they don't have direct deposit :)

There really are no benefits to working for them, except that they are willing to pay me gobs of money to do nothing all day. But, I always seem to want to look busy. *sigh*

So, yeah, that's about it for my day. Need to send out meeting minutes tomorrow, that's a must.

I am also a little confused about these new tag things. Anyone care to explain it to me like I'm three?

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