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Lovely dinner out with April and Chris. Mmmm mongolian BBQ at Happy China Jade Golden Palace Super Buffet :)

I missed my turn onto Craycroft on the way home, so I had to go the long way on Sunrise to Kolb. I didn't feel like pulling a U-turn. Kind of glad I missed the turn, got to hear "Into the Night," perhaps the DIRTIEST pedophile song EVAR. "She's only sixteen..."

Yeah. They say leave her alone because she's illegal dude. Anyways, then I got to rock out to some Clash and then some Zep. Oh yeah daddy. Good times. ROCK!!

I came home to the cable box being dead. YAY! They shut off the digital cable. Need to take the box back at some point in the coming week. I am now also on DSL speed cable internet. Oh no! Can I handle the "slowness". Yes, yes I can. At almost half the price, I definitely can.

One more day of boring work. Will get filing done, oh yes I will. Before I got into the apartment though, there was a kitty in front the apartment where I park (I park on the other side of the building). He starts meowing at me and then starts following me. Apparently all cats know the sound of the bag of food. So, I opened the bag when we got around the corner and poured a little out for him. He was being very chatty and leg lovey. Vera and Vaash are damn lucky there is a 2 cat limit in this apartment complex...and by my own choosing as well. So sweet he was! I'm such a sucker for a stray. Good thing I'm not actively dating...I'd hate to think what I'd bring home.

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