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Saw "Two Lane Blacktop" this evening at The Loft. Pretty good flick, especially if you like cars. And most of these were NOT kit cars (like in "Gone in Sixty Seconds" Eleanor was a kit car, thank goodness, I would cry if a Shelby was destroyed like that). Anyways, so yeah, pretty good flick. It could be slow at times, but, hey it was 1970, things were slower then. :)

James Taylor and Dennis Wilson (yes, THE James Taylor and THE Dennis Wilson) play two dudes who just drive around looking for drag races to earn money to keep their car fixed up. Nice simple premise. I liked it, it's available on DVD, so give it a rent. They are in negotiations with Criterion to put out a DVD with them.

April and I went thrift store shopping this afternoon (before we saw the movie). I got a SWEET 70s flat sheet with awesome flowers on it. I'm debating making it into a "curtain" for my bedroom or the "slipcover" for my loveseat. I'll have to see which I prefer. I also got a little digital clock for under the TV to replace the digital cable box. I have gotten so used to seeing a clock there it's freaking me out. Need something to tell me to go to bed :)

I was going to do a father's day post, but i'll hold out until tomorrow, when it's actually father's day. I'm beat!

Night kids.

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