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Email Fun

So, I decided to check my other yahoo account that I use for job searching (bit more professional than "locakitty", no?). I open it up and I have 7 emails. Oh boy! THEY REALLY WANT TO HIRE ME!

No, it was a rejection letter. Let me share with you:

Thank you so much for your recent resume for the position of Outreach
Development Coordinator. After careful review of your resume, we have
determined that your qualifications are not a match for our position.

Your interest in employment with the Southern Arizona Komen Foundation
sincerely appreciated.

I have 2 issues with this email: 1) No personal address. If you are going to reject me through email, at least have the courtesy to type the five letters that are in my first name. I'm not even asking for FULL name, just my first name. 2) No "sincerely," "best regards," "kiss my ass you fucking loser," NOTHING. Is it that hard to type your name? I mean, it came up on my from section in my email, but, hey, whatever.

So, that's not even the best part...here's the best part. The epitome of laziness is this person...instead of individual emails, this was a mass email...in the CC section. NOT the BCC section...the CC section. I have access now to 32 other email addresses that I know to be valid. Good thing I'm a nice person. I just hope that 32 other people are that nice to me. :)

So, the other six emails in my inbox? 5 of them were people chastising the original sender for being a moron. I would have joined them, too, but the point had been made. This person is probably quite mortified already. I do know that if I was employed with them, this kind of crap wouldn't happen if I was sending out emails. So, here is the sixth email:

Dear Candidates:See? Was this so hard. I could deal with being called a "candidate" even.

In an attempt to quickly address the concerns brought up, I thought an e-mail appropriate in getting you the response you deserve as quickly as possible.

On behalf of our foundation, I would like to apologize for the way each of you received the e-mail from our office. As a foundation who prides itself on the respect given to each volunteer and employee that works within our organization, we would never have been intentional in revealing personal e-mail accounts and sharing messages with others. Mistakes happen, and although not intentional we know they still have an impact on the parties involved.
I'm tempted to let this go, but I can't: we would never have been intentional. How about..."It was never intended" You writer type people out there, seriously, is this correct usage? 'We would never have been intentional' and if it is...what tense is that?

We recognize that the concerns brought forth by many of you are valid, and we feel the situation to be unacceptable as you do. This was an honest error that was the result of several e-mail problems and ultimately ended in the inadvertent placement of all e-mail addresses in the wrong field.

This should read: 'The person that we thought could handle Outlook apparently can't, so, we're sorry she's a fuck up.' My note to this person: learn to check the messages before sending them out. Email is like a loaded weapon, you just shot yourself in the face.

We also ask that you discontinue the use of the "reply all" function out of respect for all of you who were involuntarily subject to this mistake. These are private e-mail addresses that should not be used for the purpose of gaining personal information or casual chats. Any future correspondence about this matter should be directed specifically to myself in a one on one matter and I would be happy to speak with anyone who has continuing concerns.

Oh! Personal email is not intended for casual chats? Well, shit! Sorry everyone, I can't email you anymore, private email addresses are not to be used for "casual chats." In none of the five replies, did I see anyone trying to get personal information or having "casual chats." The first reply was indeed the best, the following four were just statements of support to the original poster and (perhaps bitter) gratitude that they were turned down to work for this organization. I am leaning towards agreeing with being happy to not have to deal with this kind of incompetence. Not only in not knowing CC and BCC fields from each other, but the total lack of humanness in the rejection. Rejecting someone is not easy, I understand that, but, you can give a small coat of honey to help us swallow our 1st to 50th rejection letter.

Again, we sincerely apologize, and ask that you respect the privacy of the rest of the individuals in this e-mail.
I removed the name out of respect for privacy.

So, there you go! Fun times with email. Yeah, I'm a little upset that I didn't even get an interview. I think I probably could have done a great job in this position, but, they'll never know and they will have to continue working with someone who doesn't understand proper business etiquette and how to use Outlook.

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