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More from salon.com

Runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks' big revelation during her sit-down with Katie Couric, which aired last night on NBC: "I had a bottle of pills or I had the bus ticket. I decided not to play God that day." (NBC via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Think of all the pills she can buy now that she has sold her story for $500K. Hey, who would like to engage me and then I'll bugger off and go to Vegas for the weekend and then say some Mexican kidnapped me (I'll say it was an Asian dude, I like the idea of being kidnapped by ninjas) and then I'll sell the story. I need to perfect my deer in the headlights look though. Anyone up for it?

Update: http://search.news.yahoo.com/search/news/?p=runaway+bride+sells+story&c= <--link to all articles having to do with her selling her story.

David Sedaris on the tip bucket he puts out at his readings: "People will ask, 'Is that your tip bucket,' and I'll say, 'Yeah.' Then they say, 'Anyway, if you could make this out to Sheila.' Like, would you go to Starbucks and say, 'Is this your tip bucket? OK, anyway ...' Someone a couple of days ago told me that I make enough money from royalties, and I told her, 'It's not your place to tell me how much money I need. I will tell you when I have enough money.'"

I didn't notice a tip jar. I totally would have thrown a buck in there :)

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