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From earlier this evening while at 2nd job:

So, I get to work and the server is down. I've been sitting here for almost a half hour. Fun. I didn't bring anything to read or do, so I'm doing what anyone would do...handwriting a LiveJournal entry.

I got most of my filing done, so that was good. I also managed to get a 15 minute nap in before I left for work. Vaash decided that I was to be his pillow, that wasn't at ALL distracting. :)

Randi Rhodes was playing a clip from C-Span of a House (?) meeting being led by someone from Florida...Putnam I believe she said (it's really hard for me to hear the radio at work because my speakers are teh suck). Anyways, they took a voice vote, you could hear many "Yeas" and very few "Nays" and guess what the chair decided it was...Nay. The collective groan was insane. So, need to figure out what THAT was all about. I also discovered that there is some dissent in the field because the super is taking a four day vacation to go fishing this weekend. He'll be back on Tuesday. Lots of grumbling. ooooooooooooooo

Ok, back to twiddling my thumbs.

About ten minutes later the server was back up and I was lost in the world of data entry. Exciting, no? I'll make sure to bring reading material tomorrow :)

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