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Knee Update

Heather has torn her ACL. She started rehab today, and for the next three weeks, three times a week. She said after today's session, it actually feels better. Of course, it was still frozen, so, we'll see later on. Surgery comes after the swelling has gone down. Then probably 4 months rehab afterwards. But, she should be as good as new afterwards, so that's good.

I caught my cousin's cold, and my throat is in agony. I've been drinking lots of juice and tea though. I had some chai earlier, and that didn't help at all. A lot my boss knows, he said it would help. Anyways, I have Monday off, from both jobs, so that's happy news.

Roof update: We are putting down the felt(?) this weekend, after we rip off the old roof and make sure that none of the wood is rotted. The felt is waterproof, so that's good, because it is going to storm tonight. Woo! And probably a lot next week. We should be getting the insurance check next week, which is excellent news. More than my parents were expecting, less than I was, but that's okay, it's enough to cover my room and the roof. There may even be a little left over after we are done, I'm going to suggest they invest it in something liquid in case we need to make a mortgage payment or something.

Oh, and I'm going to go get my new tattoo next weekend. :) I decided to move it up a few months. I was going to wait until the July 4th weekend, to keep with the major holiday every two year tradition of modifying my body, but decided that I couldn't wait. I just have to fix the shading on it and it will be ready to go. Yay! I'll post pix of both the roof (well, my room anyways) and the tat when I get them.

Take care peeps!

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