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Further Tales of Florida

So, I'm talking to Bobbie and she is telling me of the employee woes of my former employer.
Here is part of our conversation:

Bobbie says:
UPDATE: dawn just came by the office Dawn is one of the people hired to replace me

Alica says:

Bobbie says:
she says she figured she was fired because don never returned the message that dawn left with michelle on friday Michelle was the first person hired to replace me, Dawn, the second.

Bobbie says:
this is the reason

Bobbie says:
she hasn't shown up

Alica says:

Bobbie says:
never mind that she left a message with a person who quit on wednesday

Alica says:
i'm confused

Alica says:
is there ANYONE downstairs?

Alica says:
michelle never came back after walking out? Left at 10 a.m. on Wednesday because she was confronted with the proof that something had been told to her and she just didn't bother to do it. She hasn't been back since.

Bobbie says:
she said she left a message with michelle, which was impossible because michelle quit two days earlier

Alica says:
Alica says:

Bobbie says:

Bobbie says:
now you get it

Bobbie says:
and yes it is that funny

Bobbie says:
so, don was like later

Bobbie says:
and dawn was like later

Bobbie says:
so bye dawn *waves*

I have a theory that Dawn is a meth user. Out of about 17 days...she was there for 7. Yeah, exactly. Every day was a new excuse. Woo doggie. Someone else should be starting in 2 weeks. This should be fun.

I feel bad for Bobbie, but, hey, what can you do?
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