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Johnny Quest and the legend of the Pharyngitis

It sounds like some ancient Egyptian thing doesn't it? Sore throat, little pustules on the throat. Mmmmm yum!! So, yeah, that's what I have. Taking the z-pack for it, I have two more days on it, my throat is still sore, but not as bad as it was before. It hurts worse at night, and I don't know why. The white spots are gone though, which is good. I just hope that I didn't pass it on to my little 6 mo. old cousins. :(

Things are going okay, finally got the roof tar papered. I think they do the shingles next weekend. It was really loud when they were taking off the lime/cement mixture. The cat was freaking out, she was hiding behind the couch or in the den. Poor baby. Wouldn't even let my mom pick her up for a while. She took a nap on her later though.

So, that's been my weekend. Drinking juice, sucking lozenges and playing with babies. Hope everyone else had a happy memorial day. Ta.

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