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My favorite letter to the editor

It is interesting that a man who may be the highest-profile celebrity of our time has managed to stay out of the tabloids for so many decades because he actually leads a clean life. Really, never been in the tabloids? Well, lessee, just from what I can remember from the top of my head, there was when he and Nicole split up, then there was when he was "dating" Penelope Cruz, then there was the whole lawsuit against the gay porn star and various tabloids for pulling him out of the closet (I have no opinion on whether or not he is actually in there), sooo...I think he's been in the tabloids, no? Perhaps not for being as nutty as Jacko, but he's been there. People want to know how Tom Cruise does it Hmm? Oh...no, I'm good, I think that sad individual over there wants to know what you are up to Mr. Cruise. I need to get back to reading now. Do you mind? Thanks. Yeah, over there --->, and it would be wrong for him to keep his religion from the masses who want to know how he navigated the surly world of Top Celebrity. So he shares how he has managed to keep his life on track and offers help to anyone out there who wants it and the hacks go absolutely wild.

I actually can't get enough of the new Tom Cruise and love watching him come alive for the rest of us instead of living a sheltered life that none of us get to see. Umm...instead of watching Cruise jump about on Oprah's couch and yell at Matt Lauer like a crazy man on the street corner, perhaps you could go outside and enjoy nature, or volunteer at a soup kitchen or Narconon or something. Why are you living through Tom Cruise?As for Scientology, you mention that he helped the firefighters at ground zero, can help people get off drugs, learn to read and stop being criminal. This is the man the press is attacking? I would bet money that his attack of psychiatry and its multibillion-dollar industry is what is stirring all of this up. Here's some tin foil, it will block the laser beams. To my psychiatrist friends, meeting has been moved...you know how you will receive the new location A reward should be offered for the first patient of a psychiatrist who can offer up their lab work showing a chemical imbalance in the brain. Hate to say it, but I don't think people have Ritalin or Paxil deficiencies. You can't even get an insulin shot without proof of your blood sugar levels from a test. But psychiatry just looks at you and says, yep, your chemicals are out of whack, take this drug that will essentially damage your brain and you'll feel better after a while. You must have learned all about psychiatry from Mr. Cruise! He's not only helping all these people, but he is teaching everyone about psychiatry, that's a lot of time he devotes to everyone. How on earth does he find time to make $100M movies? Egads! Sure, we are an overdrugged society, but I would much rather come across a schizophrenic who is now "normal" than someone completely unbalanced who thinks that he needs to drink human blood or the Nazi death rays are going to turn his blood into powder. That...that is a true case. I can look up the name of it for you if you'd like. And yes, Ritalin probably has been overprescribed and the cases should be reviewed more carefully. Once again...Nazi Death Ray...*shudder*

Maybe Tom just decided that saving humanity from this fraud was worth any amount of stone throwing. There have been a few throughout history who have had to stand up to the wrongheaded mobs of their day and try and put things right. Go, Tom, go! What is really sad is you felt you needed to be saved from psychiatry. Did your therapist hurt you? Please, learn to read things for yourself and then make a decision based on that, don't just listen to what Tom Cruise says. I know that Tom Cruise knows and you don't, but, make sure you always question what Tom Cruise knows.
-- Mary Panton

Hey...do you think we can get WWTCD? bracelets going? hmmmmmm
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