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I just made the bestest lemon-limeade in the world. I wanted to share that with you all. I also saw something sweet when I got home. A dad and his daughter and he was teaching her to rollerskate. :) Reminded me of when my dad taught me to ride my bike. I don't know where all this nostalgia is coming from, I think I'm a little homesick. Talked to my dad a little this evening. Thursday is our weekly phone conversation since he's home all alone. My mom goes to bingo on Thursday nights at the Eagles Club. He's so funny, they are fixing up the house a little at a time with the help of my Aunt Gloria. They are starting on the landscaping and apparently, all the rain is helping grow the lawn. It's finally more than dirt patches! Yay! They are also finally going to haul the aluminum away from the destroyed porch. I think they are going to do a wood one now. Or something. Who knows? :) But, he was telling me that they cleaned out the den and moved desks and stuff around. "Hey, do you want your shoes?"
"No. I think I've made it this far without them."
"Oh good, because they are really comfy."
hehehe...since I have such big feet, he can wear my sneakers comfortably. Lucky dog. He's also getting his sugar under better control, so that's good. Need to keep him around as long as possible.

I hung up the groovy sheet I got at the goodwill a week or so ago. Looks sweet! Yay!

Still kind of keeping it loose this weekend, only concrete plans are for Saturday: movie with lunarcamel and then off to Bison Witches with parilous and her friend from MD, Jenny and Jenny's CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD, Emma.

*stretch* ok...time to start portioning out food for week :)

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