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Late to work this morning. My four legged alarm clock decided to not wake me this morning and I slept through my alarm. Ah well. After work headed for the movie theater to meet lunarcamel for "Bewitched". It didn't suck. :) Will Ferrell was ok, the cameo by James Lipton had me and one other person laughing uproariously. The cameo by Amy Sedaris was groovy, too. We both commented on one scene at exactly the same time. It was regarding the amount of Cool Whip in Kidamn's cart. Pretty funny.
Then I met parilous, Jen and Emma at Bison Witches for dinner. I was late (again!) because I took a couple of wrong turns. I still haven't really figured my way around central Tucson, but I'm getting better!

Now I'm watching the Live8 recap. Didn't get to see Floyd, but I am in IRC and they are posting a lot of people's anger towards MTV/VH1 for cutting into the Floyd. I guess I'll just wait until someone downloads the performance and then get it from them. Right now, McCartney is on, but after the diva fit he threw about wanting to open and close the show I do not care for him that much. TOOK TIME AWAY FROM THE PINK FLOYD!!

I have a massive amount of laundry to do. I may get to that tonight. We'll see. Yeah, talked to Heather a little tonight too, that was good. She was cracking me up with stories of insanity from my family. She reminds me of why I moved. :)

OK, off to like, sit around or gather the energy to actually do some laundry.

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