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Event indeed. I have a new car. A 2002 Saturn SL1, fully loaded with 0% financing. I am so happy I could bust. It took forever at the dealership, but finally everything got worked out and I was able to drive away with a brand new car that (hopefully) will last forever and a day!

They only gave me $100 for the car I traded in, but, it was in bad shape, so I didn't mind, if anything we were just happy to be rid of the damn thing. Now, my dad has his car back, I have a car with working air conditioning (and only 22 miles on it) and my mom still has her truck.

My grandfather co-signed for me, so, technically it is in both our names, but I will be the one making the payments, but hey, that's what I wanted to do anyways :)

So, here I am, new car, new debt and so happy I could dance all night long (well, not really tonight, I'm too tired after all that signing of paperwork).

Here's to you grandpa...for making my dream a reality! :
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