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So, laundry sorter died yesterday. Bye $40!! So ticked off. Going to BB&B tomorrow to remind me who makes it so I can find them and write them angry letters and show them the bruise on my leg from where I fell down because of the momentum of it breaking and the shoddy workmanship that they are charging $40 for.


In other news, the dresser is painted and dry and back in the bedroom. I now have 2 matching pieces of furniture (at least in color). Yay! I also hung up my green tea colored faux bamboo shades. My porch is all green hued now, so groovy looking. Drove up to Casa Grande aaaaaand they didn't have his size. I probably should have just called and asked, but it was a nice drive and I got to listen to Animals and talk to my friend Carol and remind myself that people will buy just about anything (I'm looking at you Value Outlet and your framed art). Got home and installed the shades and soon I'll begin making some food for the week and I may even make brownies for work tomorrow, we'll see how happy and giving I'm feeling.

I think tonight will find me sitting on my porch having a beer and enjoying the outside (read: sweating my butt off) and I'll even take the kitties out with me so that they can enjoy the outside, too. Ok...gotta go put clothes away now that the dresser is done :) LATER KIDS! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY (for the US readers) and HAPPY MONDAY (for non US readers)

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