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I was rudely awakened this morning (4:45 a.m.) by a horrendously bright strike of lightening followed by the loudest motherf'n clap of thunder I've ever heard in my life. Then of course, the cat decides that she just HAS to come in my room at that particular moment. I heard her running up the stairs to get to any room with a human in it. So, I had to get up and let her in. She was a good cat though. What mostly sucks about being woken up like that (besides the fact that I had 12 more minutes of sleep coming my way) was that now I'm dragging. None of that nice slow wake up this morning.

More musings
Anynoodle, I'm getting completely caught up with work. I'm actually getting to go out tonight and look for a new outfit for my friend's wedding in Kentucky in a few weeks. I need to be prepared. I also need to make arrangements for my tattoo. I'd like to get it this weekend. I wonder if I have to make an appointment...we shall see. Oh, and we got the pix of my roof/ceiling issues developed. As soon as I can be arsed, I shall post them. Yeehaw. OK. That is all.

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