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I'm no Roger Ebert,

but I'll try.

Saw two movies last night: Last House on the Left and The Young and the Dead

LHotL was um...kinda gory. Ok, really gory. I found myself hiding my face a few times. I was never really "creeped" out like I was during say Copycat or Silence of the Lambs, but was grossed out a few times. *shudder* Then again, it's a Wes Craven flick, isn't he the guy who brought us Pinhead? I rest my case.

But, yeah, saw that (while eating dinner, of course) then started on The Young and the Dead. It's a documentary, part of the America Undercover Series from HBO, about this guy who buys the failing Hollywood Cemetery, where just about every famous person is buried, at least from the Golden Age of films. It was interesting movie. They are going with the idea that everyone should get their 15 minutes, and so when people come in to get their funeral package they are also given the opportunity to make a small biography of their life. Very interesting. Then, with that, they play it throughout the complex. You can also look at it online. I, actually, am kind of interested in seeing about seeing some of these online. I find stuff like this fascinating (see www.foundmagazine.com for other things I find fascinating). So, that was pretty interesting. There was one woman they were interviewing, seriously, she was a heavy koolaid drinker. She had this pretty scary look about her.

But, all of this got me thinking...why bury your body? Why waste it? It could be used to teach the next generation of doctors and forensic scientists about how the human body works. I think I'll be writing my wishes down and sending a copy to Heather and my parents and probably to April here. That way I'm covered no matter where I go. Then, whatever is left over, they can cremate and spread to a few different places. DisneyWorld (I practically grew up there), the Atlantic Ocean, Tallahassee (I'll have to think of a good place), somewhere here in Tucson and West Palm Beach (maybe the backyard or something). That way I can be everywhere at once! :) Something I've always strived to do and have never managed to accomplish. Just need to figure out where to put my little memorial plaque. Oh, but, I told some IRC peeps last night, at the service, I want mariachis there. And the title "Mission Manager" will be on my memorial plaque. You think I'm joking. There will be mariachis and mission managers and COCKTAIL WEINIES! YES! :) :) :)

I think tomorrow night I'll put in for schedule change to m-f and no saturday unless necessary. I'll also be getting a few more hours this way. Interestingly enough. Yay for me! Woo! Ok, it's about time to head home. I think a nap is in order and then going to BB&B to raise holy hell. Ok, not holy hell, but to lodge a complaint against the manufacturer. Honestly, I just want to throw this thing away, and I'm tempted to just do that. I know that they can't/won't give me a refund, and, honestly, I'm not even after a refund. Maybe I'll just toss it out, chalk it up to lesson learned and move on. The poor sot at the BB&B didn't have anything to do with it, you know, just anotha brotha trying to make a livin'.

I'll mull this over. :)

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