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First of all, wtf with me getting 8000 shocks a day? Is it because there is no humidity? It's not like I'm sitting here rubbing my feet on the floor or balloons on my head or anything...just sitting. It's driving me crazy!

Secondly, more HTML issues. *sigh* Just want to create a page of thumbnails, but, I can't get stuff to line up properly. I've put it aside for the day and will maybe tackle it some more this weekend.

3) I think I'm going to beg off work tomorrow. I don't want to start a week of everynight with a one day weekend. No thanks. Don't care about losing 8 hours of pay, just don't care. My mental health is way too important.

4) Oakland and Tucson tickets go on sale at the same time. But, I have a bigger question, is it 10 a.m. local time or 10 a.m. EST? It's ticketmaster for the Tucson show, there is no link for the Oakland show. They better get their shit together, this is next weekend people. *claps hands*
(huh, as I was typing this, Yahoo Messenger tells me "Hey! Incoming email from nin.com!" so, I say, Yay! trot over there and here is what it says:

over the next week advance ticket sales for the nin fall tour dates
will be made available. advance tickets will only be available to spiral
members. if you have not registered for membership please do so asap
on nin.com.

note: advance tickets purchased by spiral members will be
nontransferable. members will be limited to two tickets per member, however you may
purchase tickets to multiple cities. individual member names will be
printed on each ticket and on night of show id will be required to
confirm your membership. there will be designated spiral member entrances at
each venue. this is to ensure that nin tickets are exclusively used by
spiral members.)

So, over the next week I'll be procuring 2 sets of 2 tickets for me and parilous and justjay!!! Woo!! Best tickets we can possibly get!

5) I got a memo today from the main office...regarding hot weather and dress. After I finished laughing, I placed it back in the envelope (it was mailed down with the checks) and resumed working on website. I'm not supposed to wear clothing that will let people see down my shirt, show bra straps or pants so lowrise you can see my butt cleavage. This isn't a problem :) I would type it out, but I have some filing to do.


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