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Taking tomorrow off, was approved this evening. I can start Monday night fresh, so to speak. I'll be working all weekday nights with weekends off, it's funny, but this gives me more hours, which is nice, since it's only another six weeks for this job.

I have been in a funky mood all week, just really grouchy and sour. I mean, I've had bits of happiness in there, but like I said in my last post, I think I caught the ennui. Or...it's the heat. :) I've been dealing with it a lot better than I thought I would, but it does wear on me. Especially at work. Since the super keeps his door open all day, it gets really dusty in the trailer and it doesn't cool down properly. So, I'm sitting in 90 degrees from about 11-2 every afternoon. That's fun! Granted, it's better than being outside, but, still, you expect to have some coolness in the trailer, yes?

Tomorrow shall be my day of Getting Shit DoneTM so that Sunday I can just do some cooking and movie watching. I may even do some sewing! :) And get ready for six weeks of hell and working. Woo!

Now I'm just rambling, so I'll cut it off now.

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