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Lovely day off work :)
Shipped some stuff to Canada and to Kentucky, very exciting. Went to a thrift store and found a 35mm camera with sweet ass lens, flash and cloth carrying case. Who is the coolest? Me. I checked on ebay when I got home, and it seems that I fell in the median price range for this type of camera, so that's good. It's a Minolta, which makes me happy. One of the few brands that I am loyal to.

Going to get water filter for the brita and see what else I can find at costco for my dinners this week. Something I can eat in 15 minutes. Probably will wind up being sandwiches and veggies with ranch dip. Mmm.

So, I'm watching Terminator right now and laughing my ass off. FX have come a long way from then, I'll just say that. But, it's really cool seeing Linda Hamilton's origins and where she wound up in T2. Sweet. Bobbie was telling me that VH1 was replaying stuff from Live8 with no commercials and no other interruptions. I started laughing :)

Oh, I have hi-res BBC coverage of Floyd if anyone is interested, let me know, I'll have to upload it to my site. It's 190 MB.

:) :) :)

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