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Getting stuff done, oh yeah

Since I didn't get everything done yesterday, I did quite a bit today. Have lunch for the next two days, all I have to do is cook up some more pasta for the rest. mmmmm pasketti, well, rotini anyways.

I miss the menu that cable tv supplies you. I have no idea what I'm watching. :) Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica Parker and Gene Hackman. Twilight Zone maybe? No clue. Oh...now David Morse? Is that his name? The dude who played Brutal in Green Mile.

Anyways, so it was a good day and this week is my first week into the fires of hell for the next six weeks. I will survive though, I will survive :) I'll just be cranky for a while, please bear with me.

Ok, I'm going to try and figure this show out. :)

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