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This is why I shouldn't read political web logs. Honestly. My comments in bold.

Mr. Bush, Fire Karl Rove
Is Rove guilty? Dunno. Do I care? Not really. What Rove did was not treason as the lunatics over in the head-up-their-asses community are so fond of pontificating. Criminal? Maybe, in that everything-inside-the-beltway-that-some-pencil-neck-finds-offensive-is-illegal way, but not treason or anything even smacking of treason.
Hmm...interesting. Perhaps not treason, but certainly illegal. H.W. Bush helped pass this into law, he had a soft spot for CIA agents, seeing as he was the head of the agency for a while.

Anyway, it's time for Rove to go. I can agree with this comment. Last time I checked we were in a f*cking shooting war and the last thing the Commander-in-Chief needs is a low-life political opportunist in his inner circle. If for no other reason he should go because his actions are creating a political scandal. And it's not like were talking about the Secretary of Defense here, Rove is a pollster and a political strategist for crying-out-loud. So, Bush finds another low-life political opportunist to replace him--but one that knows to keep his mouth shut. Alright, easier said than done but, really, who really gives a rat's ass about Karl-freaking-Rove? I hear Clinton's low-life pollster and political strategist is looking for work these days. I give a little bit of a rat's ass about Karl Rove, seeing as it the strategies that he puts forth that led to the allegations that McCain had a black baby which helped lead to his loss in the 2000 primaries. I wonder how different the world would be if McCain had won. I don't really even like him that much, but I guess I can respect him for not dropping the "f-bomb" on the Senate floor, unlike certain members of the administration. Where was I? Oh, yeah, Karl Rove, who gives...oh, and nice lead-in to Clinton. Like a broken record with these people.

I dunno about the rest of the world, but I for one did not vote for Karl Rove. I voted for George W. Bush. And I didn't vote for him because I was worried about indexing the alternative-minimum-tax to the inflation rate. I voted for Bush because I want a President who will respond to threats against the United States with force and without hesitation. Rove will only prove to be a distraction to the pussies on the Left looking for any excuse to appease our enemies. So, Mr. Bush, fire Karl Rove and then do what we elected you to do: Kick. Some. Terrorist. Ass.
I didn't vote for any of these asshats, why should I have to deal with them? So, that throws that argument out, doesn't it. In voting for W, you voted for his abilities (*snicker*) to pick a Cabinet and people who will help shape the indexing for the AMT *AND* respond to international incidents. But, see, W can't do that by himself, because he is unable to do anything by himself except drink himself into a stupor, snort some blow and choke on a pretzel. And he couldn't even choke effectively. Now, in the comments, someone mentioned that (and I'm paraphrasing)"it's okay for Clinton to lie about sleeping with some woman, but if Rove is lying and he did release that information, see, here's the thing. He put her LIFE in danger. Lewinski's life was never in danger. Unless Hilary went on a rampage, I doubt anything would have happened. Missions were compromised when Clinton lied. He did what any dude would do, "Crap, I'm about to get caught. Better deny it so the wife won't get mad.
Sorry, I'm taking off the bold, you don't need me yelling at you. I am not trying to excuse Clinton's lies, but honestly, I could care less if he's sticking it down the tub drain or to his wife or whatever. I don't want to know about his sex life. As long as he's not abusing animals, I'm cool with whatever he wants to do. Don't care. However, if someone is putting an agent in danger or compromising missions, you better fucking believe they need to be punished. You can read the law here or just google 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act and read all the stuff that comes up. (Hope nothing weird, I just picked the first one that looked "legal.")

I need to gather my thoughts...I have a feeling it's going to be a long day.

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