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And so are the days of our lives...*cue music*

Do you ever just watch silly tv shows and just want to start bawling? I can't watch Emergency Vets anymore. All those poor kitties and puppies and ferretbutts. Sorry.

Moving on...I must postpone the tattoo for another two weeks. Just running out of time right now, have to watch my goddaughter tomorrow so mom can get some work done around the house, and having only one baby on her hands is way better than two. Sidney is the hard one, so I said, "Let me take her for the day, and if you REALLY want to, the night too, and see if you can get anything done."

I'll have to check back with her on the overnight visit there. :) She sleeps through the night, so that shouldn't be a problem, and I do have a playpen to put her in, or she could sleep on my bed, but I don't think I'd sleep much, fear of rolling on her and all that. You should see how much room I give the cat if I know she's on the bed. Just picture 10lb cat, on a queen size bed, near the middle. Now, picture a full grown woman squeezed onto one teeny tiny section on the far side, almost ready to fall off. Yeah, exactly! I don't want to piss the cat off by rolling over on her.

Anyways, that's about all the excitement going on in my life, with the exception of going out to a new seafood place in Jupiter. Heather's knee update: surgery in about 3 weeks. Her hamstring is pulling up on her and her leg is cramping like crazy. She is not happy. But, she has moved on from the walker to a cane. It hurts, but she says, "Must work it lots so that I can have full mobility again." She wants to be able to do goju again, and I don't blame her. It is something she really loves, something she's good at, and a way for her to be allowed to fight and not have to worry about bail money :) Right-o then, off we go for a nap and then...seafood. MMMMMM :)

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