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Ok...so much for my plan of waltzing in and out of the store. I drove by, parked got out of the car saw the massive amounts of people, turned back around, started the car and left. :)
Stopped at Albertson's to get a roll of film for new camera and the cashier was baffled at the Harry Potter mania. People were trickling in looking for it. They decided to not wait at the B&N and I don't blame them.

When I mentioned I had stopped there and decided to not go in he pointed to the stack of books and I said, "Yeah, but I have a GC for there, so I have to go there. It's free that way." He seemed to understand. But, he just didn't understand the craze over this book.

Part of me doesn't understand it either, but at the same time, I'm glad to see kids reading. It's still a sedentary activity, but at least they aren't watching World's Funniest Police Chases or some such.

Someone in IRC is telling me that the bookstore ran out of nonpreordered copies. Uh oh. This is in Ohio, but still. I maybe should have just bought it at albertson's. If necessary, I'll go back tomorrow and do this :)

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