July 24th, 2002

Charlie Brown

Workin' for the weekend

So, it's Wednesday, I'm at work. I'm done with work (well, I do have to put the work in the envelope and UPS it to the actual billing company in Pennsylvania). Anyways, I'll be done with work in about 15 minutes (there's a lot to put in the envelope). So, what to do now?

First I have to pay bills but I don't get paid until Wednesday (the 31st), so I just do the ol' write out the checks and wait until Monday to mail them out. Except for a few that I pay online, and those I will probably just go ahead and mail them out anyways just because I feel like it dammit! :)

Now...I want a new car. Can I afford it? I dunno. We'll see. I have to come up with a budget first. On the outside, it looks like I probably could afford it, but then I look at my checkbook and wonder where all the damn money goes. Anyone else with this problem? :)