August 22nd, 2002

Charlie Brown

My Birthday

I woke up at 8:52 a.m. EST, got dressed and went to the bathroom where I found a box on the sink that said "Happy Birthday". I figured that my parents didn't want to wake me up (I didn't have to go to work today) so they just wrote on a box laying around and left it where I could see it. I went to move the box to brush my teeth and it was heavy. It was a DVD player (I found out later in the evening that I need an RF modulator because my tv is too old for a dvd player). So, I was happy and completely surprised, but then that explained why my mom had a Brandsmart bag for our library books last night :) (I love when it all clicks)

Then I went across the street and took my neighbor to the bank. She doesn't really like to drive and I don't like her to endanger the other drivers on the road. So, we went to the bank and then she made me a cup of coffee (she is the only person that I will allow to serve me maxwell house because she makes it really really strong). Then I came back home, watched a little tv and got ready to go to the toe doctor. I have another two weeks of bandaids, but no antibiotics, just betadine. So, that's good news.

Then I went to Wal-Mart to pick up my photos and decided while I was there to get document frames for my diplomas. They are currently sitting under a lot of paperwork in the living room. Anyways, I digress, so, I looked through the pictures and two of the shots that I wanted didn't come out. Which was sad. 1)a sign that said "Anne's Beach"; 2)the odometer on my car reading 1000.

So, I picked out a picture to make a copy of for my friend Anne and for April and did that. Then I paid for my purchases and went to the nearest craft store where I purchased two frames for said enlargements (look for that in the mail next week April). Then I went home...and I've been here all damn day. I've been trying to upload my pics onto yahoo/geocities so that I can link them into my livejournal story on key west...I will finish my attempt at that tomorrow, but if any of you can give me some pointers on know my email.

The only bad part of today...Heather never called. And that hurts.