August 27th, 2002

Charlie Brown

Janet Reno

This evening I went with my mother and other members of Local 1991 of the SEIU (I have no clue what that stands for), which is the union for the nurses and support staff of the hospital she works for, to show support for Janet Reno in the upcoming primaries and later governor race for the state of Florida. It was a bit of fun, got a free t-shirt, which was cool, and a neat bumper sticker that is very anti-Bush. Tonight was a debate between Reno, McBride and Jones for the Democratic candidate in the governor race. Very interesting, learned a few things about where everyone stands and I must say Reno was the most prepared out of all three candidates.

We weren't able to actually attend the debate, instead we went to a local restaurant to watch from there. After the debate, Reno and most of her family (brother, sister and nephew were the ones that I met) came to the restaurant to thank the supporters. Her nephew is cute :) I digress, it was a great time. The beer was good too :