March 6th, 2003

Charlie Brown

Catching up

I am FINALLY caught up with work (minus the old charts needing to be sent back) and what happens...I get a list of charts that need to be resent because the billing company didn't scan them properly and have already shredded the paper copies.

So, I looked at the list and came to the conclusion that I can't even begin to get the charts until near the end of the month. It takes about two months for me to be able to get the charts from the database to print.

*sigh* Other than that, things are okay. I went to the Department of Financial Services yesterday. It's an actual state government agency. They were forwarded my initial complaint to the Department of Insurance regarding my car insurance debacle of 2002. So, more actions are being taken to see if anyone acted in the wrong. Hopefully, I'll get some money back from this, seeing as I spent $250 for two weeks of insurance. Not fun.

I'll keep you updated.
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