March 7th, 2003

Charlie Brown

Speeches, curtains and reality tv

Is it wrong that I didn't want to watch the president stumble through a speech for a half hour, instead REALLY wanting to watch Survivor?

Don't start on the "it's wrong to watch survivor" rant, I know it is, but it is one of my guilty pleasures.

So, to kill the time, since I had heard on the radio that he was going to be speaking that evening, I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and purchased some lovely red/burgandy material, just a simple broadcloth, and made myself some lovely new curtains for my bedroom. I was very very very tired of the old floral ones I had (I didn't buy those on purpose, by the way, they came with a bedroom set that I got when I was *9*.

Anynoodle, they are fabulous, they came out beautifully. I didn't even need to hem the bottoms of them either. They had the keeper thread (or whatever that thread is called to stop it from unraveling when it's on the bolt) and just the smallest bit of fringe from unraveling, so it looks awesome. I had to hem one of them though, because I had to cut the fabric down, it was too long and covered my a/c unit.

Soon I will have a new bed and I think I am buying myself a 27" television tonight, for $80!!! I'm giving my old one to my aunt and cousin, their tv blows major chunkage. I was going to give them the 27" tv, but it has the dvd capability and they don't have a dvd player, but I do, so I can get rid of the modulator (in my head I am saying "mod-you-lay-tore") and just hook it to the tv, less wires. :) I could probably hook up my nintendo again too. Hmmm.....