March 27th, 2003

Charlie Brown

Good Dinner

I made dinner last night. I actually cooked for the first time in almost a month. :) I was watching "Tortilla Soup" earlier yesterday afternoon (after I got home from work) and it made me so hungry.

So, I got out an old magazine, Real Simple, and found a recipe for Rosemary Garlic Chicken. So, since I was cooking for my father as well, and he doesn't like salmon, I made that. Went to the grocery store, got stuff for stir fry for tonight as well and the chicken and what not for the meal last night. I even got free range chicken, which was cheaper than the "regular" stuff.

It took all of ten minutes to make, which was awesome, because I was starving by the time I got started making it. You just warm some olive oil and garlic, put the chicken in, let it cook up, then add vinegar, salt, pepper, and rosemary (I used summer savory because we didn't have any rosemary) and let that cook for a few minutes, covered. Then, you remove the chicken, bring the sauce to a boil until it's kind of syrupy, whisk in a bit of butter and pour over the chicken.


I hope I didn't make you all too hungry :)
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