April 27th, 2003

Charlie Brown

Magic Lamps and the Genies Who Love Them on the next Geraldo

Fun times, fun times. We went to a local festival today, got a booth (paid for last week) and sold my dad's lamps that he makes. They are really neat. Bottle lamps. All kinds of bottles. Liquor, Arizona Iced Tea, what have you. So, that was cool. We only sold one. ALL DAY LONG from 10-5. Ah well, we made back the price of the booth and $10. It wasn't too blistering hot either, so that made it all the more tolerable.

I bought a cd burner, and burned my first cd last night. Alas, it was not for me, but for Heather instead.

So, gimme a week and I'll have www.lampsbyfrancisco.com up and running (i have to wait for whatever to go through, I'm doing it through yahoo web hosting).
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