May 5th, 2003

Charlie Brown

(no subject)

So, I spent the evening putting up plastic sheeting over the huge holes in my ceiling so that I can sleep in my room again and not have to bum at other people's houses.
I don't mind living out of a suitcase, if I'm not in the town where I live, but it drives me nuts when I have to do it in the same town. I always forget things when I do it this way.

So, all of the wet insulation is out and all the wet plasterboard/drywall is cut out, so we just stapled up the sheeting so that I could use my a/c unit and sleep in my bed again.

I decided this after trying to sleep on the couch last night and having to have two fans on my person and still sweating like mad crazy.

Other than that, I pretty much hate what life is throwing at me right now and I just want to stay in my bed and sleep for a week or two.
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