June 16th, 2003

Charlie Brown

Welcome to Kentucky, Marlboro or Winston?

All of the flights were on time. Yay! We (Sarah and I) arrived in Lexington right on time at 12:30 p.m. ready to get to the hotel as neither of us had had more than 4 hours sleep the night before.
Anne picked us up with a smile that couldn't have been removed, even if you punched her in the stomach and called her mom a whore. She was a little sad that our other friend Carol was unable to make it, but like I said, nothing was bringing her down.
So, she took us to her house that her and Dave had just bought. Well, his Dad bought it as their wedding gift, but they are paying Dad the rent :) Lovely place. I am also pleased to announce that I inspired a motif in the bathroom.
I sent her a picture of the Atlantic Ocean as seen from the Southern Most Point in the US in Key West. The color of the water is the paint on the bathroom walls. It also explains the palm tree shower curtain she had registered for.
Then her sister Kellie brought Sarah and me to the hotel so that we could check in, shower, change, loaf until dinner that night. There was no need for us to be at the rehearsal dinner, so we just vegged in the room. Sarah then fell asleep so I went with Anne to her house and hung out until it was time to get Sarah from the hotel.

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