June 30th, 2003

Charlie Brown

New Ceiling!!

So, Saturday night, my cousin Amada came over and helped me paint the three walls that were to be done in orange. Small change of plans, only two of the walls were to be painted orange, the other we painted a VERY bright white. When it's all done, (the trim and everything) I think it shall look quite lovely and nifty.
So, that took about 3 hours, including a 45 minute break where we went and got some coffee and brought some to my mom who had been working. I also took her some cheesecake. She liked it. I made it. It was awesome.

So, Sunday, I got back home (I spent the night at my cousin's house because everything in my room was covered in plastic and there were lots of paint fumes) and my father and uncle went upstairs and started to rip down plastic and get everything ready to start putting up the drywall.

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