August 6th, 2003

Charlie Brown

I'm baaaaaaaaack

Egads. What a drive! Nothing like a week in a car to make you love not being in a car. I tell ya. So. Yeah, good time, good time, staying at scary places, eating at fun new places, meeting new and old friends again or for the first time. All good times.

So. Drive over, pretty uneventful. Fell in road love with a guy in an El Camino because he didn't have a/c and was still just jamming to his tunage in the middle of a hot Louisiana day in traffic jam hell. Rockin'.

Crossed the Mississippi River. FUCKING AMAZING. To be up so high on a bridge and just be over all that water. Up so high you have to pop your ears at the top because the pressure hurts so good. So, yeah, the river was wide and what not. Saw the USS Alabama. It's a big battleship. Very big. Then I had to go in the tunnel, so I didn't see it anymore. Mississippi is full of casinos. Yeah. Texas is just huge and has like 5 different climates. Weird shit. Long drive through there. Long drive. One stop on the way to get some gas. It was the only station for miles and miles. Charging up the yingyang for gas, but hey, the view was almost worth it. You could see for miles and miles (are you seeing a pattern here), mountains, hills, fields, tiny bubbles. The wind was dry and hot. It was right out of a movie. Just standing there taking in the scenery and the air. Made me wish I had had film with me. Ah well. Burned into my memory.

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