August 13th, 2003

Charlie Brown

Yay for Wednesday

I had a whole bunch of stuff typed here, and I hit escape because I hit the alt key by accident, and then for some reason, I hit it again and everything disappeared. So, I am going to try and start over from memory, because, that's what I do.

Ok...slow month of July. Coffee company lost a little money last month, and so, because July was so slow, we have to put off hiring a replacement for this one girl that is leaving because there is no money in the budget for training and what not. That's cool, because my schedule doesn't change one iota. Which is good for me. I also put in a request that the new person be asked if they could open once or twice a week. Which, honestly, will make me a happier person. Won't be so tired all the time. Even if it's just my Monday shift, that would make me happy. Especially with season coming up, he usually has me working Saturdays at the Green Market, which is fun, until it gets hot, and then it's not so fun, but, it's more fun knowing that I can just wear a t-shirt instead of a polo shirt (they are really hot).

So, I'll probably still be doing 5 days a week, just different days. Groovy.

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