August 17th, 2003

Charlie Brown

Evil days and weird dreams

Ok, this morning I woke up from an odd dream. I was at some function for Chris and April, wasn't the wedding, but we were in some vacation house, with many rooms. I was awakened by someone whom I thought was the maid. I proceeded to scream at her for giving me an attitude when I politely asked her to get the fuck out of my room. :) (I just hope that I wasn't actually screaming at my mother)
Anyways, there were some pictures that needed to be taken. Peace was there and I was starting to feel guilty for yelling at this lady, and she told me not to worry about it as she was obviously a nothing person. That struck me as very odd, especially coming from Peace. Some people were called to get there pictures done, and they had to get all dressed up, so while I was waiting, the photographer's assistant asked if I would help him set up some of the props. I said, "Sure, I'm still waiting for my turn."
Well, he only carried things that weren't electrical. So I asked him why and he said that he couldn't touch anything electrical. He looked like a cross between this guy that I worked with at the bookstore and someone else whom I shall not mention.
Then my alarm went off, and I had to go to work, which starts the evil day part of this entry.
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