August 24th, 2003

Charlie Brown

Naples and man-eating dogs

I went to my friend Bobbie's house for the weekend, leaving on my birthday afternoon after running a crapload of errands and going to work where I managed to grab $12 in tips from customers at the coffee shop by telling them that it was my birthday, and they felt horrible that I had to work on my birthday, so it was cool.
(how's that for a nice long run-on sentence?)

Bobbie made an awesome homemade carrot cake that was just too good. I miss it already. Had some margaritas, some meat, some swimtime with the man eating dog, Otis, and just an all around relaxing weekend.

Just not being in town was groovy enough. No being dragged to dinners I don't want to go to, karoake, etc.

Just me, a man eating dog, carrot cake, friends and a pool. Oh yeah.
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