August 27th, 2003

Charlie Brown

Fucking car thieving wannabe bastards

So, yesterday, day from hell (I have a lot of those). Helping my aunt move from her old house to her new house I discovered something about my car. Someone had tried to break into it. Thankfully, it wasn't stolen (obviously, otherwise there would have been an earlier entry crying over stolen vehicles). So, I take it to the dealership thinking this is something covered under my warranty since I have the "ChopCop Protection Plan". Yeah, that only goes into effect if your car is actually stolen. Grr.

So, $150 later, I have a new lock. I almost wish they had broken the glass, first of all I would have known when the attempt took place and secondly, glass claims have no deductible.

Yeah, so I'm $150 lighter in the wallet, there goes the b-day money. Amazing how it all goes so fast.

In happier news I'll be in Toronto for Halloween. I am going to see Eddie Izzard. Fascinatingly hilarious comedian. I may also get to see snow. Wee!
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