August 28th, 2003

Charlie Brown

(no subject)

Had a lovely evening of sleep. Yay for me. I also get to work some overtime this week, which is good, extra money :)

Been trying to get a hold of my cousin, but there is no answer at her house, I wonder if they were able to find the phone in all that stuff they have and that's why they aren't answering. I'll call my other aunt and see if she knows what's up with the nonansweringofthephone thing.

That's about it, I have to work Sunday and Monday, but, since I didn't have any plans, that's okay with me. Saturday will be some Lion Country Safari and then helping my aunt get her house in order before she gets back to work next week. (She did it right, take the week off from work when you move, then you aren't as rushed, especially right before a holiday, extra paid day off)
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