August 31st, 2003

Charlie Brown

Things that make me happy

Just a quick list of things that make me happy. I'm going to put off complaining about inane things for a day. Here you go:

1. Watching Florida State win a football game
2. Watching my godson do the "Tomohawk Chop" and no one taught it to him (he's almost 10 months old now)
3. Letting my goddaughter slobber on my face as she attempts to do raspberries on my forehead
4. Hearing my cousin refer to my best friend as her cousin. I know she's family now.
5. May car and knowing that it is mine.
6. My aunt paying for movers to help her sister-in-law move into her new house because we had been moving shit all damn day. :)
7. Having a perfect margarita
8. Finding a restaurant I can smoke in.
9. sitting in a hot tub and relaxing and not thinking about anything but how good the jets feel on my back.
And the #10 thing that makes me happy:
10. Eddie Izzard :)