September 1st, 2003

Charlie Brown

F*cking no ballz having mofos

I had to work today. That was fine with me. I was there for a half hour and something happened that I didn't become aware of for another two purse was stolen. I am so pissed. Really pissed. REALLY FUCKING PISSED.

He got my cell phone, license, bank card (cancelled already), checks (also cancelled), savings account info (will be going to bank tomorrow to settle that), a store charge (cancelled), blockbuster card (will go to store tomorrow and sort that out), cell phone (cancelled service and made claim with insurance, just have to pay $50 deductible), wallet with various things, a baby picture of my godchildren, disposable camera, a brand new pack of cigarettes - unopened, brand new lighter, various papers that I don't even remember and FOUR, count them...1-2-3-4 dollars cash.

Yes, that's right, two things of value, $4 and a disposable camera. Whoopty fuckin' do. Fucking asshole cocksmooching pricklicking bastard. I hate people right now, I really do. I'm being all brave and nonchalant about it to everyone right now, but I just want to curl in a ball and cry for about two hours until I fall asleep and then wake up and find out it's all a bad dream.

Happy fuckin' labor day.