October 10th, 2003

Charlie Brown

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I think I am going to break this entry up into different parts that are labeled. Let's see where this takes us, shall we?

Good News:
Brandi got a job! Brandi also got a car! Woo! She goes into today to fill out the paperwork and then listen in on a few phone calls. She'll be working in a call center, for (okay, don't tell anyone else this, I can barely handle myself) the billing/account issues for AOL. I know, I know, she's working for one of the suckers of Satan's cock (ten points if you get that reference), but, sometimes you have to work for evil to make some good happen. This is not an "ends justify the means" thing, it's just a "gotta feed and clothe my children and make the rent payment and I have no education or degree or practical work experience" thing. :)
So, she starts for real on Monday for 3 weeks of training. Woo! I told her, that no matter how much she hates it (because I hated working in a call center) she is going to stick it out and learn as much as possible so that she can move up quickly and start making some big bucks and do as much as she can for my godbabies. I can only do so much :)

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