October 20th, 2003

Charlie Brown

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Excellent weekend. Well, it was groovy. I was tired for most of it. I had to work at the coffee shop on Saturday. I know, I know. I quit. But, it was an emergency and he had no one else to work that day. So, I agreed. Extra money I didn't have before. So, that's a plus. I cleaned my grandfather's house later that night. I decided to take down his vertical blinds in his living room and wipe them down, thinking that was just dust. No, they were yellow. When we were done, they were white. That's what my lungs look like. Ew. I need to go get my car registration done this week too. I am thinking of getting a school tag (Florida State thank you very much) and either getting my name or 3L33T on the tag. I am limited to five spaces, otherwise, I probably would get OMG LOL on there. Because it's funny :)

I think I am going to do the 3L33T thing though, that is funnier :)

This weekend is the craft show, my dad is selling his lamps there. Actually, I'll be there with my mom on Friday and Saturday. Sunday my dad has the day off, so, he can sell his lamps himself. He was telling my mom that if someone offered $35 instead of $40 for a lamp (although, I think $40 is a fair price for a hand drilled, hand made base (wood), stained and the body of the lamp is a beautiful bottle of some sort). My mom replied, "I'm not letting them jew me down on that."
Now, normally, if someone says something distasteful or just plain wrong, I let it go, depending on the circumstances, but this time I didn't.
"Oh, that's lovely. Could we refrain from any future references of that sort?" - Me
"Oh, I guess that wasn't PC." - mom
"No, it was distasteful and rude. I don't appreciate that." - Me
*crickets chirping*
See, no response. Although, I could see she was ticked off that I called her out on that. Absolutely gross.
I'm just a little excited. :)
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