November 3rd, 2003

Charlie Brown

Le Shit Storm

Why is it when you miss a Friday and come back on a Monday you just walk into a shit storm? Everything was as expected at my account site (for work), four days worth of charts, not too many, so that's a good thing. I got things in order and entered all the data. All I have to do tomorrow is just scan all the charts in. Yay for me.
Then I walk into the other hospital site office. One problem waiting on paper and one problem waiting on the phone. First problem, the morning person couldn't get two days worth of charts to reconcile (there was a balance issue on each one, I don't expect anyone to understand what I'm saying, just come along with me here), the second problem is lack of dates being received at the main office. They haven't received about 15 days worth of charts total from all three accounts. oh, great.

So, I am making phone calls and asking around and now I have to check tracking numbers and reburn service dates and all kinds of nonsense. On top of it all I have a sore throat that just won't stop thanks to "I-can't-cover-my-mouth-when-I-sneeze-on-an-airplane" man. Fuckhead.

I am beginning to hate Mondays. I really really really am.
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