December 8th, 2003

Charlie Brown

(no subject)

Spent all day Sunday working on a paper. Gah. I don't know why I romanticized school so much. It must be remnants from all the drugs. Anyways, so this evening I went back to class, turned in all assignments, kicked ass on my part of the presentation and got grades from last weeks assignments. Got an A w00t w00t.

I'm almost done with reading Alas, Babylon. Good book. There was a passage in there that I felt really really really related to what's going on today, I'm going to try and find it and I'll probably post it. But, it's a good book. I'm diggin' it. I actually had time to myself this afternoon to sit down and read it. Getting to school two hours early really helped. Gonna go finish reading now. Oooh baby!
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